SBC Week 10: Last post

Hey, guys! This is the last post of my blog, today I will be asking myself some questions. Comment down below what your favorite SBC blog post was your favorite in 2017?

1. How many posts did you write?
I wrote 14 posts in total

2.How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?
I wrote nine posts that were school based or set by the challenge.

3. How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?
I got four comments from my classmates, one comment from a teacher oversea, and one comment from one of my fammily member.

4. Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?
I got two comments from the Apple and pen, one from FOOD WITH FOOD, two from on 1-16-17 (bagobag),and one from On 1-11-17 I am putting together Octopus and Panda. The most I got was from “Apple and pen” and “1-16-17 (bagobag)” maybe because of the first one, it’s was popular back then so they might think that It was funny. The second one, I think that liked my new invention and maybe they could actually buy one if I were to make it.

5. Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
I think that I loved the “My amazing basketball career” because I got to talk about who inspired me to keep going and never to give up. Whenever I read that post, I think of my amazing coaches that taught me most of my basketball skills, including shooting baskets.
6. Did you change blog themes at all and why?
I didn’t change any themes because I thought that my theme was pretty good. I also love how each theme is so different from others.
7. How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?
I have actually nine widgets, but my favorite one is the translator.I don;t think that it is too many widgets, I think that the more you have, the more interesting it gets.
8. How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?
To be honest, I actually have one, and her name is Priscila.
9. Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?
What I use a lot is Compfight to show pictures that I think will fit with my post.

SBC Week 9: Activity 2

Hey, guys!

It’s me again, I figured that I found a blog just now that actually was good to me. You should check out Priscila’s blog! I commented on her blog Actually in like the beginning of the school year, but I still visit her blogs often. I love to read her posts because she thinks so creative that it drags me to reading more of it. Her poems are awesome and I always wondered how she thinks of them. Please visit her blog and comment down below if you have found any more blogs I can check out!


SBC week 9: Having so many siblings at home home! (History)

Hey, Guys!

My first question is, Do you have any siblings? (comment down below if u have) For me, I have four siblings and they are really hard to deal with. I have two older sisters and they are smart so they have really good comebacks that can burn me. I have one younger brother and one younger sister, they cry all the time (mostly my younger sister). When we get older, we will love and care for each other (I hope). Back when we were little, we all tasted something that was weird. For example, I ate one piece of pretz (my sister gave me), My two older sisters ate “ume”, and my brother ate lemons. What was weird when we were little was that we were super nice to each other. Since turned 10, we all started fighting like crazy. I didn’t even know why, but it was usually because of clothes, candy, mostly candy, games, jokes, and bullying each other. Nowadays, I think that we get along pretty well with each other because we respect each other’s privacy (sometimes). We all found out in the end that sisters love each other. (Here are the photos of a heart and a peace sign for a symbol for any family that have siblings or even animals)Thank you for taking your time to reading this and have a lovely week! Have you had any siblings that drive you crazy? comment down below if u have!

the colors within Tim Li via Compfight

GomaPeaceCreative Commons License Andres Rodriguez via Compfight



Hey guys,

Today I am putting together a type of food with another type of food. Who likes rice? Who likes Miso soup? They are both Japanese food, but it is quite famous, so most people know what it is. I tried it before and it’s actually pretty good, but that’s my opinion. You guys should actually try it. Once you mix it together, it looks pretty gross and you reject to eat it. It’s okay because my sisters won’t even try it, but my brother does. I will call it the “MISO RICE.” If you tried it, comment down below if it “was good!” or a “not really.”



SBC Week 6: Leaving :(

Hi guys,

Have you ever had to leave to a different school because of a special occasion? Well, that is happening to me. I have been at my school for three years and I feel like it is home to me. Even though I have been at my school for three years, I will miss my friends and teachers that have taught me. My friends have always had my back and they brought my confidence back. Back when I was in Japan, I was never confident that I never told my mom everything that happened at school. Now, just because of my friends at my school, I can tell my mom what happened to me and why. I felt so alive when I first came to this school because they went straight up to me and started talking, while I stood there saying nothing. When I get older, I will remember my friends and I will remember our memories that we all made together. Comment down below if you had to leave someone from school or even another country or state!


Weekly post #9

Hey guys,

We don’t have an SBC this week so I will continue on with my weekly theme post! I shall out together an iPad and a cup holder. It is called the “a cuppy I.”Do you guys get thirsty whenever your on your device? I do for sure, but what if you don’t have a table near you to put your cup? You wouldn’t want to put cups on the ground because then ants would crawl in and fall inside. I would love to actually invent that, but I don’t have the skills to do all the building. Well, comment down below if you have had a cup and wanted to put it down but didn’t have a table next to you?

Thank you

Week 4: Let’s look globally

Hello guys,

What do you think are some of the worst global issues at the moment?

Well, I think racism are one of the worst global issues at the moment. In my opinion: I think that racism is one of the worst global issues at the moment because people are making fun of others that are different because of their race? That’s it! I don’t think that’s fair. Do you? Everyone is different from each other and there is no reason why people would be mean to “blacks” or “whites.” Racism is prejudice or discrimination and I think that racism should stop. It’s treating others bad like they are getting bullied from strangers. Putting up posters like “Whites only” is basically bullying because the “Whites” are making fun of the “blacks” or the other races.


What website I used:

on 2/23/17 I am putting together a song with another song!

Hello to the viewers of my blog,


As you can see from the title, I chose a song with a song put together. I think I could put “7 years” with  “perfectly imperfect.” I will put the rhythm of “7 years” and the lyrics of  “perfectly imperfect.” I shall call it, “7 years of imperfectness.” I tried it at home and it sounds pretty good. You can sing the lyrics, and out the rhythm of “7 years” on karaoke. Comment down below if you have another idea I should do for next week!




on 1-16-17 (bagobag)

Hey guys, have you ever been tired of carrying your bag everywhere when you have so many things in your bag? Well, I invented and out together a bag and another bag! With the two bags, you connect them and out wheels on the bottom. After you have done that, take a strong rope and connected to your waist. It is called the “bagobag” I always get tired of carrying my bag everywhere, so I just thought of an idea that would fix it! Have you ever been tired of carrying your heavy bag everywhere? Please comment below and answer my question!



I am putting together Basketball game and recess

Hey Guys,

As you guys can see from the title, I am putting together basketball and recess. Some of you think that I will be talking about playing basketball at recess, but wrong. You play recess at a basketball game. Isn’t that crazy! Well, I never tried that before, but I think if I did, I would get in trouble.  Anyways, I had a basketball game today and we won! Well, if you were there we played Pearl Harbor.  Some people on the bench were playing around with these twisting things while we were playing basketball. Some of you guys won’t believe this, but it was true. That’s my blog post for today. Please comment down below if you think that my story was true and if you ever tried doing that before, but please don’t do it.



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