Hello to the people who are observing my blog,

My name is hmsayane and I love to help the people that need help with my siblings. I have two older sisters and 1 little brother, I do almost everything with them and we all love it. One time we all had to participate in my cousin’s wedding together and my two older sisters and we had to perform hula together. One of my sisters was in the hospital so we couldn’t do the hula together as a three, so what we did was we face timed her and we felt comfortable because my older sister and I felt really weird having just the two of us instead of the three of us. My brother was the ring boy and we helped by performing and my brother carrying the ring to my cousin. We also did community service together on a weekend in Japan. My sister’s friend found a place where we can help plant rice. We had a great time and we all wished that we could do it together again. Other community service projects we did together was cleaning the beach, help clean the house, go on short errands, and help cook.  One time, I had a dream that my sisters and I were walking and we saw a homeless person. I thought that we could give him at least a dollar or two. My sisters agreed on it and we knew that he wasn’t going to buy any bad drinks because he thanked us a lot and he was really joyful. I dreamed of that because I want to do that in person, but now I live in Hawaii and it’s more strict for kids to go by themselves outside and we don’t have time to do that, I dreamed of it and I still felt happy for the homeless man.  If you are wondering why I chose  the picture on the bottom (peace sign) because of my sisters and I  help people and give them peace.

Peace Grunge Sign - SepiaCreative Commons License Nicolas Raymond via Compfight

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